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Design Trends: 2022

The pandemic has brought about a seismic shift upon the world around us and the ways in which we think. In this article we consider the ways societal demands have changed and the ways we can apply this will apply to upcoming trends, within our industry, for 2022/23.

As society finally emerges from the pandemic into a new business landscape, we will see increased emphasis placed on social conscience, sustainability, fiscal caution and digital integration.

ACCOUNTABILITY As individuals seek more accountability from brands and institutions, they are seeking greater inclusivity, diversity and trust. This will be expected through meaningful storytelling and genuine connection. When designing a stand space, this can be effectively promoted through large format hero imagery, as well as employing clear, concise infographics and no-nonsense messaging. NATURE Throughout the pandemic we have seen a strong desire from people to reconnect with nature as well as with their communities. This has elevated the importance of localism and ethically responsible manufacture. In order to reflect this throughout the build of 3D event space, you can consider using locally procured, natural materials and making a feature of raw finishes, and honest joinery. This can be combined with soft lighting and considered use of foliage for maximum effect.

MINIMALISM Minimalism and simplicity will be key drivers, whilst visitors and exhibitors will be drawn towards products and services which offer uncluttered value and longevity. Consider the value of every aspect of the stand design, if it isn't necessary then don't include it. Also think carefully about the quality of the items in your design - your clients and the planet will thank you if it can be used again next time.

PHYGITAL Remote working, through lockdowns and restrictions, has blurred the lines between the physical and virtual worlds. This will be manifested in desire for more stimulating interactivity and 'phygital' crossovers. This can be implemented into stand design by bringing in leading edge AV and digital elements. With careful planning pre-show, and seamless integration at the event, clients will be able to engage with a much a wider audience than ever before, regardless of regional restrictions.

COLOURWAYS As society leaves behind what can only be described as turbulent past 12 months, there will be an initial leaning towards a soft, muted colour pallet with complimentary natural finishes. As we move into 2023 and confidence continues to grow, this will be replaced with high impact colour ways and contrasting surface treatments, which demand visitor attention.

We’ll be working with our clients to explore ways to intelligently and creatively answer briefs with an eye on these themes to ensure visual impact is bang on trend for 2022.

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